View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Thursday 30 September

The last day of the month, with reasonable weather - there is quite a bit of brightness about, but the clouds are announcing the advent of very windy conditions through tomorrow. Tragedy has continued to affect Lochaber, the area west of Fort William. The body of a man has washed up on a beach in the Isle of Canna, prompting fears that it might be that of a missing yachtsman, Neil Mackenzie. His yacht was found near Arisaig last week. Last year, a diver who went missing at Ardnamurchan turned up on a beach on the southern coast of the Isle of Skye. No confirmation of the identity of the dead man, found in Canna, has been issued.

It is two years ago today that AOL announced they were going to withdraw their Journals service, heralding the end of J-land as we know it. We had just over four weeks to relocate elsewhere, as AOL was not even prepared to archive the journals. By Hallowe'en, they were all pulled off the Net. Many journallers did not continue on other platforms, such as Blogger or Wordpress. Facebook and Twitter have taken over parts of the function that AOL abandoned.


  1. It was a quick 2 years and I'm thankful for the people that did continue on in bloggerville. I enjoy keeping in touch with the people I've met through AOL. Sorry to hear of yet another incident over there. We have a pleasant but windy day here today. The wind is bring in some much cooler weather and a chance of rain for the weekend.

  2. It has been a lovely Sunny day here today better than the last 5 days which have been rain rain and more rain ~ I still have not forgiven aol for pulling out our journals and just cannot understand why they did ??? ~ Ally x

  3. I still miss AOL. I will never forgive them for what they did to our groups.
    I am so glad we all rallied around and still keep in touch. Thanks to your help Guido.

    We have had torrential rain all morning. I'm glad we went out yesterday as the clouds, all lying low around the horizon, surrounded a beautiful blue sky overhead. The sun was lovely and warm on our backs. Delightful!