Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Saturday 2 October

Quite a nice day, with warm sunshine (behind glass) and varying cloudscapes. I have caught up with the tributes from the local paper for men who were killed in the First World War. I have relocated the links to a "page" page on Blogger, the link for which appears on my Faces from the Lewis War Memorial site. I'll have to go back to the library to find more tributes from the Gazette. This paper was published from 1917 onwards, but for the first four months, I have already dug up more than 30 tributes. One of them has me in touch with the Gaelic Society of London, as it refers to the son of one of its former presidents who was killed in action. Am awaiting snailmail, as the current Chief is not on email.

As I glanced out of the window at 6.30pm, the sun is headed for the horizon, leaving me with another glorious sunset. This was the image yesterday.

And tonight is about as impressive


  1. Your pictures are to 'sigh for'.

    Just look at the last one where you could daydream all day imagining characters out of their cloud shapes.
    You are doing wonderful detective work on finding tributes to the 'local' World War I dead.
    You make it sound such an engrossing project Guido.
    Well done!

  2. Two Brilliant pictures Thank you