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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

The long way round

A lady, confined to a wheelchair, alighted at the station in southern England one day. In order to leave the station, she was required to cross the footbridge to the other platform. Unfortunately, there was nobody to operate the lift, so she was marooned on the platform. Helpful trainstaff suggested she join a train to the nearest junction, 15 miles away, then take a train back which would deposit her on the platform from where she could exit the station. In disgust, she telephoned relatives who hoisted her up the steps and over the footbridge. The traincompany has now apologised to the lady, and made sure the lift can be used without a member of staff present.


  1. Quite right too! I've never heard of anything so daft

  2. Goodness, the poor dear. They would never get away with that here in the States since the ADA laws went into place.

  3. Good grief! Could not the helpful trainstaff have hoisted her up instead of her having to call relatives? Poor thing!