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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesday 24 March

Today has been a very wet day, which has only just now dried up.

Here in the islands, working parents are being inconvenienced by the closure of a nursery at the hospital, called Little Teddies. The nursery can be used by any working parent, but the NHS here is running a £3m deficit - and has done for 5 years - which needs to be addressed. Fortunately, an alternative facility will be in place by August.

It is quiet on the hurricane front, with only two tropical storms about. Imani is headed south across the Indian Ocean, near the 85th degree longitude east; Omais is moving slowly northwest, away from the northern Marianas islands in the Pacific. Both are not expected to be around for much longer than 48-72 hours.

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  1. it's nearing 70 degrees here a little after 2 in the afternoon. I need to get off this darn computer and get out there & pull some weeds. The dandelions are taking over my lawn. Hope all is well with you & yours...Linda in Washington state