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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursday 25 March

Today started bright and sunny, but cloud has now covered the sky and the wind is picking up. It appears, from the radar, that we're missing the rain. Fingers crossed it stays dry for the rest of the afternoon.

When I went out to buy today's papers, one of them was not present. Upon enquiring, it transpired that the airline that was supposed to bring them (Highland Airways) here had been placed into administration, and ceased trading. All flights operated by the company, including lifeline services between Stornoway and Benbecula, have been cancelled. The company's difficulties stem from a large debt owed to HM Customs & Excise. The information screens at Stornoway Airport merely state that the airline's flights are cancelled.

I am going to review my use of Facebook. At the moment, I seem to be playing games and using it as a relay for this blog. Every now and again, I leave a comment with somebody's postings. Not a satisfactory situation, so I'll cast a critical eye over the situation. It may also mean a review of contacts.


  1. I hate to hear of firms shutting down and staff loosing their jobs. I wonder if there will be new providors willing to take on the staff and routes.
    As for Facebook Guido, I haven't got the time to play on there. People keep asking to be my friends and my list is growing but I have to admit some of them I don't know but I don't want to upset them if they are friends of friends.

  2. Lots of companies are fading away as the crunch of the economic failure hits bottom. Hopefully now we will start the rise up. All the trickle down effects have taken awhile to show up. We had rain here most of the day and now it's changed to snow...

  3. I love your header picture with the (huge!)sheep!! It sure doesn't sound good that the lifeline flights are cancelled. I hope the situation gets straightened out soon. I am not on FB very much, once in a great while I check in.