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Friday, 15 January 2010

Blog reading

I think most of comments in 2010 have been something like "happy new year". My Google Reader section for blogs I read regularly now stands at more than 300 items unread, a sure sign that I need to catch up. There are a handful of you that I do keep up with, whenever you post. Others I should keep up with more diligently, I admit. Anyway, there is a bad forecast for tomorrow, so there's a fair chance you'll see a comment from me.


  1. Hello there! And a cliche, "Happy New Year" although it is belated. I have been behind in my reading of blogs.The the preparations for the holidays & having 2 little girls (granddaughters) home for 2 weeks, I didn't get much blogging time. I am going to try to get around to reading them more often. Love the header photo. We actually had a white Christmast for the first time in years. It was wonderful. Take care & stay warm!!
    Barh *queenb

  2. I really appreciate you always making a visit whenever I post. You seem to have always been there with me from the beginning.
    Thank you for that, Guido.
    Hugs to you, Pam

  3. You know what? It shouldn't be a job to read blogs. Don't feel guilty if you don't get around to all of them. I look at my Google reader about three times a day, give it a quick lookover, read some of the ones that look interesting. Then I click "mark all as read".
    It doesn't hurt my feelings if somebody else does the same thing.

  4. I'll hold you to that! lol

  5. Sometime I feel closer to my friends on blogs then to people I know personally. I try not to be so obsessed but I think it is a good obsession.