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Saturday, 16 January 2010

Saturday 16 January

The weather today started very windy, with galeforce winds. As the morning progressed, the wind died down and the sun is now beginning to show from behind the clouds. Our ferry did not leave port for its normal 7 am sailing, but should depart as scheduled at 2.30pm.

Another collision on a level crossing today, following a crash in the far north of Scotland earlier this week. Today, two cars were hit by a train in Herefordshire, western England. Three people were hurt, two seriously. The cause of the accident is yet to be investigated, as it only occurred 2 hours ago.

As promised, I've been going through the blogs this morning and caught up with quite a few of you.

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  1. We have had heavy rain which has almost put paid to the snow except for the packed ice on the pavements. I never thought I would grin so widely at seeing that it was raining outside the window. Thank God for small mercies.
    Your photo above looks wild and wooly. A hanging onto you bunnet day. Lol!
    Take care..