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Friday, 15 January 2010

Friday 15 January

A very windy night followed by a day with heavy showers and more strong winds. Our ferry did not sail this morning, due to high winds in the Minch and heavy swells. The afternoon sailings are under review as I type.

Aid is beginning to reach Haiti, but the situation is growing dire. Looting of warehouses containing food has taken place as people are desperate for food. BBC TV showed images of people constructing a shelter using branches and a sheet of fabric material. Haiti is not in its rainy season at the moment, but the tropical sun is beating down. If you wish to donate to assist in the relief effort, please only do so through reputable aid organisations like the Red Cross.

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  1. Why do a few people turn into animals during times of crisis. They may be poor, but aid will get to them as quickly as everyone else. It's so sad.
    Barb in cool & damp west TX