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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

1 September 1939

The armed forces of Adolf Hitler's Germany invaded Poland on this day, 70 years ago. The invasion triggered the cascade of alliances which was to lead to the declaration of war two days later. Great Britain and France had pledged to come to the aid of the Poles, and sent an ultimatum to Berlin to withdraw or else. Poland fought back valiantly, but its army had no chance. After a month, Poland was overrun from west and east - the Soviet Union taking its cut as a result of the pact between it and Nazi Germany, signed in August 1939.

The lights went out 70 years today. It would be nearly 6 years before they were on again.


  1. Unfortunately, some people have already forgotten how tragic that war was, and it all seems so far now that most people would think it never happened. Therefore, it's important bringing it to memory.

  2. Seventy years and yet in the minds of many, it could be yesterday. I was listening to BBC one and people telling their experiences of being evacuees. One woman was sent to Wales with her siblings. She said they were always cold and they were starved. The next-door-neighbour used to push food under the hedge for them. The Polish troops who faced the first onslaught were so very brave.

  3. A dark hour (which then became years!) for the mankind!

  4. Very sad time for the people of people of Poland. Love you header picture. Linda over here across the pond in Washington state