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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tuesday 1 September

Summer is over with September on the calendar. Not that August was much of a summer month here at any rate. The only real vestige of summer was the midges. Anyway, not complaining: I prefer moderate temperatures to the heatwaves they've been having on the European continent. And I prefer it even more to the hurricane conditions that will affect the south of the Baja California peninsula later today. Hurricane Jimena is bearing down with winds of 155 mph near its centre. That will decrease somewhat, but it's not going to be a teaparty.

I quote the relevant paragraph from the NHC website: "Interests in the hurricane warning area are advised that strong winds will precede the arrival of the center by several hours, so preparations need to be completed very soon. Remember not to focus on the exact forecast track since dangerous impacts extend some distance from the center. Jimena will be approaching the Baja peninsula at an oblique angle, and small deviations left or right of the forecast track could result in large errors in both the location and timing of landfall."


  1. I agree summer is is so chilly here this morning that you really do know that autumn has come. The whole of summer was unusually cool with the exception of a day or two here and there. I don't like heat waves or hurricanes either so we should count our blessings.

  2. It's been going as low as the 50's overnight and the owls are hooting. A sure sign autumn is on her way.