Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Closing notes

No, today's weather was non-descript and grey. Seems to sum up our summer months, with a handful of exceptions. We do get the sun, and may expect it to put in an appearance tomorrow or Thursday.

Tomorrow, I intend to do the rounds on the blogs. And stop playing Bubble Spinner on Facebook, it's not on to continually try to break one's own record. I'll also read another chapter in one of my Terry Brooks novels (the Wishsong of Shannara). Have read worse literature - and better. But it is one of the better Tolkien spin-offs, even if nowhere near J.R.R.'s masterpieces.

I'm going to revamp the sidebar of Atlantic Lines, so expect a few changes there.

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  1. Our summer too has been filled with alot of gray days. It really makes one thankful for the sunshine and blue skies when we do get it. I'm trying to take advantage of all those rays that I can. I'll be looking to see what you change in your blog. It's always fun to try something new.