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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tuesday 11 August

An overcast day but mainly dry as yet.

The hurricane scene currently includes five systems: Etau near Japan (a minor tropical storm), tropical depression Felicia (near Hawaii), tropical storm Maka in the central Pacific, more than 1200 miles from Hawaii; another tropical depression further east in the Pacific (more than 1200 miles west of Mexico) and the Atlantic making a token effort with a tropical depression west of the Cape Verde islands. That is actually the second system of the 2009 Atlantic hurricane season, which has been underway for nearly 2½ months now. A massive contrast to the 2005 season, which was up to its 9th named system - 4 tropical storms and 5 hurricanes had already formed at this point.

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  1. Normally we have a system or two brewing good by now with several close brushes to the US. And the odds get closer as the fall season approaches.

    My rule: No vacations in Florida from mid July on. lol

    I believe 2005 is the year where one of the cartoonists drew a sketch of the US and in it, Florida was no longer extended, but afraid and hugging itself to the rest of the mainland in fear of the hurricanes coming in. I'll have to try and find that cartoon. lol

    Take care.