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Monday, 20 July 2009

Monday 20 July

Forty years ago today, Man first set foot on the moon. The moonlandings continued for another three years, but nobody has been back for 37 years. I do not remember the night of the moonlandings (I was barely 5), but as I grew older I could not but marvel at the achievement.

Following the start of Sunday ferry sailings, a minor row has blown up after the Associated Press put out an article, which you can read in full here (there are 755 other websites carrying the same crap).

The majority of the 18,000 islanders strictly adhere to the books of Genesis and Exodus from the Old Testament, in which God declared the seventh day reserved for rest and worship. So after church services, they don't use electricity, play games, shop or even hang out laundry to dry.

Let me tell you that I have sent three stiff complaints: to AP, to the Independent on Sunday and to the journalist himself. The vast majority of people use their electricity. Most people keep a quiet Sunday, if only not to offend those who genuinely feel that the Sabbath should be observed as they think the Lord decreed. But misrepresenting life in Lewis is something we can do without.


  1. I was in first grade and I remember they wheeled a television in the hallway and we all sat in the hall and watched the moon landing. Off to check out the article.

  2. Gee that article does make it sound like the whole island practices these beliefs.

  3. It makes it sound as if you all live a life cut off from everything and everybody, a bit like the Amish but not so intense.

  4. I remember the moon landing pretty well as i was 15 at the time--it was awesome--and i still think it was fantastic feat,but don't feel we should continue the moon program;Agree about the newspaper report not a true image of lewis