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Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday 19 July

This video captures the moment that our ferry, the MV Isle of Lewis, pulls away from the quayside at Stornoway this afternoon. It is Sunday, incidentally, and it's the first scheduled sailing to mainland Scotland in history. The cheer at the start of the video lasts for a full minute, and is held by some to be in relief of the lifting of an oppression. Spirits were not dampened by the persistent rain. In contrast, a group of a dozen church-goers held up a placard, saying "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy". They also sang psalm 46.

The first Sunday ferry sets sail

Lines of traffic waiting to board

Church protest

Some of the crowd outside the ferry terminal


  1. I saw this on the news and wondered what you thought about having a Sunday Ferry ?? ~ I remember when all shops had to close on Sundays ~ but now almost every shop has it's doors open for part of the day ~ Ally x

  2. I listened to it on the radio and have also seen the pictures you posted and watched the video you posted elsewhere. They say it will help tourism a good deal but they wondered if there would be any downsides?

  3. Well this is neat. Everyone looks cold too. lol

  4. Downsides. It is undeniable that life here will never be the same again. If shops start to open, and buses run on Sunday, that would perhaps not be such a good idea. There is talk of an increase in crime and disorder, which I don't believe will happen. We've got a problem with drink-related disorder (not helped by pubs being open on Sundays). For the moment, I think the balance is mainly on the positive.

  5. Thanks for sharing the Ferry video with us hon!

  6. Those folks were really wound up with their cheering. It looked like alot of folks were lined up ready to board as well.

  7. Thanks for sharing this!! I think they should have kept the Ferry quiet for Sundays... but heck, I like everything quiet on Sundays... LOL!! Sounds like it was a good thing for the people there, apparently... I mean look at that LINE!!! LOL!!