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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thursday 9 October

Well, that was a nice home-coming: a dead computer. A wee pop on the wall-socket, and that was it. As dead as a dodo. Here I am on the library computer, and hope to have something sorted out in the next couple of days - if not later today. I am currently restricted to 60 minutes Internet access per day, whilst on the library computer, so cannot do anything extensive. Bear with me.


  1. That's not good, your computer out! I hope that you have it repaired in no time!

  2. No, that is not a good welcome home at all. Sorry to hear about your computer but welcome back anyway.

  3. Sorry to hear it Guido. Hope you get something sorted out very soon.

    Can you please take word verification off. That will save us all having to copy letters in when we want to comment. They are very hard to see at times and very annoying and take more time.

  4. How annoying hope you sort it out soon.
    Jenny <><

  5. How have i missed your journal! Bookmarked now.

  6. Welcome home Guido.
    If anyone can sort it out you can.
    I hope it's something simple.

  7. Welcome home, Guido, but what a greeting you got. Hope it gets sorted soon...

  8. Sorry to hear of your computer woes Guido, hope you get back on line at home real soon.

    Pooh Hugs,

  9. Sorry to hear the computer is down for the time being hon! (hugs)Indigo

  10. Hi ... I am new to your journal ... but have heard good things about it !! please if you have time .. read mine ... nice to meet new friends !!