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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Picture Links

All my pictures are on I'll set up a separate journal for them.

The transfer from AOL Pictures to Pixum looks like a disaster in progress. 56 out of 1184 albums have been transferred - with nil pictures in each and every one of them.

So, here's another dose of AOHell graphics to express my disgust.


  1. So, what's up with AOL. Why are they shoveling us all into these handbaskets?

    :^P Jan the Gryphon
    AOL photos to Picasa RSN

  2. Loved all the graphics. Sorry they are giving you all hell. Must be all over as everyone is pretty quiet.

  3. Guido.. I am so sick of AOL and Blogger it isn't even funny. I will be kissing my journal good bye as it is not moving and apparently no matter what I will be the last on the list because it's 'hard'... I would drop some f bombs and here and there but won't dirty your place.
    Glad you got yours published.

  4. I love the monkeys! I am not even going to try to use Pixum.

  5. I sort of like coming over here and reading your rant and rave about aol and greedy people in the US now starving, etc. But I know you have tried your best to get along and cooperate with these people, but perhaps they are technically missing, and so have found it harder to transfer journals than they assured us and themselves it was. But don't go anywhere as I will miss you. Here is my gmail How come yours is so long? Pharmolo was so easy to remember. I do want D to be able to transfer her journal, too. Gerry