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Thursday, 30 October 2008


I am now away for 6 days, until I return on November 6th.

< .r a n t. >
Just want to put on record that I am appalled at the way we have been treated by AOL Journals Team. They knew since late July this year that their product was going to be 'shuttered' 'sunset' or in plain English closed down. Why the bloody hell they could not start working with us on solutions for shifting our blogs here, I don't know. They have been making solutions on the hoof over the past 4 weeks, without really addressing the major problems encountered by countless people. Most prominently Donna [nightmaremom] and Jeannette [jeanno43]. I was sickened by the simpering platitudes that were meeted out to us "oh we were so sad to work on your demise whilst not being able to tell you". Why the f*ck couldn't we be told? Yes, I am really not going to hold back here.

We have been treated like so much shit by America Off-Line, and having wasted 4 years of subscription money on that bunch of losers, I think it is time they were sunset themselves. Don't get hit by the door as you go out.

Corporate America can go to hell, and I hope the lot of you go down with the current financial crisis, brought on by yourself and your own immeasurable greed. You don't care about people. Only about your own wallet, which is already too bloody fat.

< / r a n t >

See you all next Thursday,


  1. Whew-NUFF said!!!
    I echo that.............

  2. Well said Guido. My journal has been deleted for a little over a week now, I cancelled my subscription - as they say "I'm so over them".

    I hope your trip goes well for you. Travel safe.

  3. Thanks Guido for the rant. As one of those affected, one who is going to lose my journal I echo everything you have said. I have had appalling service from AOL over the years. I helped many people start journals and was featured by AOL as an example of a good journal. That is a life. Now they are taking it off me, they do not even have the decency to reply to my e-mails or queries. I and others have been treated like so much garbage.

    They say journals was not being used and was costing them money. Whose fault was that. They were the ones who stopped promoting blogs, buried them where nobody could find them. What gets me most if the appalling lack of manners, the could-not-care less attitude, the lack of understanding that people have put their hearts and souls into their journals.

    I hope to God aol. go to the wall and the whole bloody staff get fired. All they think of now is advertising revenues. We, who helped to pay their salaries out of our subscriptions, count for nothing. I am going to be very unladylike and say f..k them all.

  4. That's the whole of it- greed and that's why our economy is as it is. 'On Ya' -ma

  5. I agree Guido... and you... all the help you brought to JLand.. all the times you covered that teams ass because they didn't do their job and they treat YOU like a piece crap. I'm livid. Will I get over it, of course I will, but I forget I will not. They lied to cover their incompetence. I'm sorry, but a simple answer to the simple questions asked would have been nice. Instead they strung us along with the promise of help. I have a few choice words but you can imagine.
    Hugs and thanks for all you do. Hope your trip is safe

  6. I so agree with all you have said and other aol memebers Guido Here Here !!.So much greed in large companies today.I have always and said and always will we are only a number and it's true.They have no compassion for anything.I must rush I too am about to go away in around another hour for a week.Have a great break yourself.Take Care God Bless Safe Journeys.Kath

  7. well said guuido enjoy your break mort

  8. I totally agree.

    Hope you're having a good trip!


  9. I was appalled the treatment...and you said it well. Hope you have a safe trip and come back to us soon...take care!!!!

  10. Wow, Guido. You know, I didn't transfer even one of my I didn't encounter any problems. lol