View across the Outer Harbour of Stornoway

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


Today in 2004, I set up a journal with AOL, and called it Northern Trip. It was to become a diary of my exploits in Northern Scotland, which continue to date. I started blogging properly about 11 days later, on 8 October - read that first entry about my exploits in Skye, from the big white building in the left of below picture.

This blog, Atlantic Lines, was set up as its successor 4 years later, upon the withdrawal of AOL's blogging service. Nowadays, I use Facebook, and I use Atlantic Lines primarily for writing down my views on various matters, near and far.

In the years I have been blogging, I have met many dozens of people on-line, but only a few of those I have met face-to-face. Many I count as friends, with all the ups and downs that that entails.

Here is to another year of blog - whether here, or elsewhere.


  1. Congratulations ! Hope you keep up with the blogging. Many have turned to Facebook, but blogging is still my choice!

  2. I "met" you through Northern Trip. As a nonFB person, I'm glad you still write here on occasion.