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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A barrel of tears

The Syrian civil war took another turn for the worse this morning, when an aid convoy was allegedly barrel bombed near Aleppo. More than half the trucks in the 31-vehicle convoy were destroyed.

This conflict has been dragging on for the last 5 years, and has been demonstrably exacerbated by outside influences (most notably the USA and Russia, in no particular order). Both powers are using the civil war as a means to promulgate their geopolitical aims. Russia's aims, with increasing clarity and with cynical disregard to human life, are to maintain their sole ally in the region, as spearheaded by Bashar al-Assad. Using the presence of the steadily degrading Islamic State group as a pretext, any attempt to break anti-Assad opposition will be used by Russian forces.

Do not forget that the emergence of Da'esh (so called Islamic State) is a direct consequence of American interference in Iraq in 2003. Do not forget that the network of factions in Syria is too complex for this situation to be resolved quickly. Experts name a term of at least a decade. And as long as the likes of Putin and Obama (to be succeeded by Trump or Clinton) continue to meddle, we'll see the people of Syria taking the blows.

Be warned.

This conflict has all the potential for this conflict by proxy to turn into a direct confrontation between the US and Russia. I am deeply alarmed at the anti-Western sentiments that reach even me from Russia.

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  1. There seem to be no shortage of anti-Western sentiments, but people keep coming...