Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Monday, 6 July 2015

Friday 3 July

We took advantage of a beautiful summer's day for a bus trip to Ness, specifically the beach at Eoropie. Between buses, there was just over an hour and a half to admire the machair flowers and go down to the beach. After a cup of tea, it was time to return to the road for the 3.40 bus back to Stornoway.

P7035084 P7035086 P7035097 P7035099 Newvalley
P7035105 P7035111 Barvas Moor
P7035126 P7035125 Upper Barvas
P7035136 Borve
P7035147 P7035145 South Dell
P7035157 P7035159 P7035168 P7035169 P7035173 P7035176 P7035186 P7035193 P7035195 P7035198 P7035202 P7035208 P7035211 P7035213 P7035223 P7035230

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