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Monday, 6 July 2015

Red Arrows

The world-famous RAF aerobatics display team the Red Arrows paid a visit to Stornoway in the afternoon of Monday 29 June. The team took part in the 150-year anniversary celebrations of Stornoway Port Authority. For about 25 minutes they wowed a 6,000-strong crowd of on-lookers, packed into the ferry marshalling area, along the seafront from South Beach to Newton and (as in my case) on Goat Island. Others were able to look on from areas away from town.

P6294946 P6294949 P6294950
P6294952 P6294954 P6294956 P6294960 P6294959 P6294968 P6294976 P6294979 P6294988 P6294985 P6294991 P6294992 P6294995 P6294997 P6295004 P6295005

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