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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Hurricane season

Hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones (all the same thing) are not monsters or killers. They are a necessary safety valve in the planet's system of managing the heat of the sun through evaporation and condensation of water. A tropical cyclone serves to funnel heat from the equator to higher latitudes. The planetary scale at which this occurs explains the huge amounts of energy (and impact) involved. The energy released by a hurricane would, if converted into electricity, power the United States for 3 years.

June 1st sees start of the North Atlantic hurricane season. Although NHC are forecasting lower than average numbers of tropical cyclones, any impact on land could still be severe, and could lead to loss of life. If you are in an area likely to be affected by tropical cyclones, please follow any warnings by the relevant weather agency.

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  1. Good advice my friend! And some very interesting factoids. Maybe one day we'll learn how to harness them and use that energy for good.