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Monday, 15 June 2015

Ferry woes

What the heck is going on this year, is this a concerted effort to destroy the tourism industry in the islands?

First the MV Loch Seaforth - 6 months late.

Stornoway harbour infrastructure - 9 months late.

Ullapool linkspan - caused months of uncertainty and weeks of disruption.

Now we have insufficient capacity on the Uig - Tarbert run and on the Ullapool to Stornoway route. I get incessant texts from Calmac, telling me that the Uig - Tarbert ferry is delayed due to volume of traffic - they can't cope. This summer as well, there will not be 3 sailings a day on Wednesday or Friday.

Next, we're due a ferry strike this summer.

Finally, the whole Calmac network could well be taken over by private operator Serco in 2016. This can only lead to a deterioration in service provision.

In the name of the wee man, spare us from the incompetents that inflicted this crapola on us. Oh no. They're called the Scottish Government.

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