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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

T minus 16

Sixteen days until the purgatory of the General Election campaign is over. I've had it up to here with polls, pundits and politicians. A trades union man summed it up for me today, when he said that if you cost out all those pledges and promises, they are usually unrealistic.

Why doesn't the Labour leader say he would rather not become prime minister, if it meant having to do deals with the Scottish National Party? Is Miliband so fixated on becoming PM that he has forgotten his party was referred to as the dying Labour Party in the Scottish Parliament the other day? Do we want the SNP to dictate to the 90% of the British people who cannot vote for them? The sheer lunacy of dispensing with a nuclear deterrent at a time when Putin is flexing his military muscles, sparring for a fight with NATO in the next few years? The SNP don't know anything about foreign policy or defense, and are as much a danger to the United Kingdom as Putin's Russia.

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