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Wednesday, 22 April 2015


I was left profoundly depressed by the lunchtime news today.

Floods of people trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea between North Africa and southern Europe, up to 30,000 expected to die in the endeavour this year. The Islamic State terrorist organisation firming its foothold in Libya, threatening Greece, Italy and Spain.

Libya, a failed state since Gadaffi was removed in 2011, a fertile breeding ground for idiots of all creeds and convictions. Islamic State came into being as a result of the removal of another despot, Saddam Hussein. Haven't we got the message yet? It would seem that people in the Middle East need to be ruled by despots (by our standards), and it is catastrophic to try to impose a system on people whom it doesn't suit.

Anybody now realise why Vladimir Putin opposed a bombing campaign against Assad of Syria - not just about a sphere of influence, but also because Putin realises that the Middle East needs despots to rule them. He would know. He's a despot himself, something quite a few Russians seem to want and need.

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