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Monday, 20 October 2014

Thursday 16 October

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Meanwhile here in sunny Stornoway, it's actually quite a bright morning, although with substantial amounts of mid-level cloud about. A major weather system is inching in from the Atlantic, bringing rain to points south. We should escape the worst of it. However, next Tuesday could see the arrival of the remnants of hurricane Gonzalo. This storm, a category 4 hurricane, is homing in on Bermuda. After passing that island tomorrow, the system will head for Newfoundland. It will transform into a normal autumn storm, which could bring gales to the UK - but 5 days is a long time in weather forecasting.

The SNP demand to be included in the "leadership" debates for the 2015 general elections. I don't think so. They, according to leader-in-waiting Nicola Sturgeon, can't wait to be out of the United Kingdom. Clamouring for yet another referendum on independence. I dislike those "leadership" debates, look who was included in 2010 and got into government, although his party lost seats? And now Farage, heaven help us, will be there - so can we expect him in government if there's a hung parliament again? OK, let's be fair. UKIP only have 1 seat in parliament, so the SNP (with 6) should be there. Really? Would they be part of a coalition to the UK government?

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