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Monday, 20 October 2014

Sunday 12 October

Lovely five mile walk in the Castle Grounds this afternoon. It was quite calm today, hardly any wind. That made the 10C on the mercury feel slightly less cold than it was. Walked the length of the Creed River, almost as far as the main road - I do realise the river itself stretches another 7 miles or so into the centre of the island. The most remarkable aspect of the walk were the autumn colours, almost at their best.

I am thoroughly disgusted with those people who are not prepared to accept the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum of 18 September. The rules were plain - a majority would suffice, and clause 30 of the Edinburgh agreement (which enabled the referendum) says that the outcome would be accepted by all parties. Hope over Fear? The fear is that Scotland is going to waste another two years talking about independence, followed by another two years of campaigning. It's been called the Neverendum.

What is that strange, unpleasant sensation that is pervading the house through cracks and crevices this evening? It prompts you to turn up the heating, don more clothes, crouch in front of the fire and shiver uncontrollably. Let's check the outside thermometer (at Stornoway Airport). 3C / 37F? OMG that's cold. Ah, so that's what it is. It's cold tonight Strange thing is, though, that Flesherin records 8C / 46F - because that weather station sits high up on top of a cliff. Cold air sinks. I'm on the seafront in Stornoway, at the lowest point in the town. The airport too sits very low down, nearly at sea-level.

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  1. Got a chuckle out of the "neverendum." Beautiful photos today!