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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Tuesday 23 September

Can someone explain to Alex Salmond that if a referendum on independence results in 45% of people voting for, and 55% against independence that this means that the democratic majority of people have rejected the idea? There was no vote rigging. If people changed their mind through the intervention of certain politicians at the last minute, than the yes campaign have not done their job well enough to convince people. All is fair in love, war and referenda, and I thought Mr Salmond had graciously accepted defeat. Can someone also remind the 45 campaign that the rising of 1745 ended in crushing defeat for Bonnie Prince Charlie, the humiliation of Scotland and the sack of the Highlands?

Here in Stornoway, we face "traffic chaos" as the funding for the traffic warden is running out fast. The police who contribute towards her salary are no longer prepared to stump up half the money, so we will soon see double parking, parking on double yellow lines, driving through the pedestrian precinct - hold on, that's already happening...

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  1. Some just can't accept when their views and beliefs aren't held by others. Scotland and the world has changed since the 1700's. In today's world it might well be suicide to disconnect from England. Just like here, some say seriously and others humerously that Texas should leave the Union again. Because we still hold values here that most of the USA has abandoned, I would in some ways agree and support it. But the realism of the world we live in says that would leave us so vulnerable to threats apart from our shores.