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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Friday 19 September

Scotland voted NO to independence, by a margin of 55% against and 45% in favour. This was confirmed at 6.08 am, after the result from Fife pushed the outcome beyond doubt. Of 32 local authorities involved, only the people of 4, Dundee and three in and around Glasgow, had a majority in favour of independence.

To my friends who voted Yes, I understand your disappointment and respect your conviction. However, given time, I believe it is important for all Scots to join together to work for change towards a better country, given that such a large proportion of voters (45%) did vote Yes. We can do it. Let's get on with it

David Cameron gave an impressive speech acknowledging the outcome of the Scottish independence referendum and promising devolution within England as well. Interesting. However, as far as Scotland is concerned, quite a few people voted Yes because they wanted to be rid of Cameron, and not ruled by Westminster politics anymore. Lack of trust, I believe, is the key phrase here. It is therefore imperative that Mr Cameron et al deliver on their promises, and turn their words into decisive action, yielding tangible results. It is also imperative for the Scottish government to work positively and constructively with the Westminster administration to deliver these results for the people of Scotland.

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