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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Tuesday 12 August

A wet start to the day, but the rain abated after midday. Went to North Tolsta, to walk up Traigh Mhor from the cemetery end. Unfortunately, the rivers crossing the beach were in spate and unfordable. We had to double back into the village, and go to Garry Beach along the road. Other rivers that were flooding included the Coll and Gress rivers. Eoropie reported 70 mm of rainfall yesterday, that's nearly 3 inches.

I am currently showing my father round the island, on his 4th visit here. Today was a day I would not normally have ventured out, but today I was happy to make an exception. North Tolsta was very quiet, hardly anybody stirring abroad. The beach carpark at Traigh Mhor (Big Beach) was full of campervans, and drivers were going back and forth to Garry. I'm hoping for slightly brighter weather tomorrow.

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