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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tuesday 15 April

There is a lunar eclipse tomorrow morning (British time). Its commencement (moon moving into the prenumbra) will just about be visible in the UK before moonset, but North America will have a grandstand view.

Talk of poor timetable design. In order to establish the exact route of a certain bus, I have to go to one table, but emulate Sherlock Holmes to deduce from a secondary table that it does take that route. I'm talking about CnES and its W6 and W7 town services in Stornoway.

Looks as if I've had my last search for shellfish at springtide by the ferry terminal. Works have started to reclaim that bit between the current terminal area and the outflow of the Newton Basin. This will end up burying that stretch of tidal mudflat forever.

Such strange weather tonight. Suddenly blowing a hoolie between 9 and 10, and now it's calmed right down again. Odd.

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