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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Schism alert

I have the deepest respects for religious beliefs and convictions, if anyone professes to holding such. I am a Protestant, albeit barely active (read: I'm only in church at Christmas). I have nothing against Roman Catholics, in fact, some of my best friends over the years were devout RC. I could, in all fairness, not contemplate joining the RC church, for reasons of principle. I will not accept major parts of church dogma, for a start. However, I don't like certain aspects of the Protestant church either. This news item, about a schism or split in one of the Church of Scotland congregations in Stornoway, highlights one of them. My complaint is not about homosexuality; I have nothing against gay people, as long as they don't put it on display right in my face. My complaint is about ordinary people deciding how the Holy Scriptures should be interpreted, and that any other interpretation is false, and (worse) condemning people who believe that the alternate interpretation is the right one. Who is to know how the Scriptures should be interpreted? Only God knows - and He is leaving it to us to figure it out. For us to find out that we're all fallible, and should live in forgiveness for errors of others, real or perceived ones - in order that we can repay the favour. How often did I say I was in church? Hmm.

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