Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Saturday 12 April

Westerly gale this morning, but with good sunny spells and showers. Typical Hebridean day, just feeling sorry for the poor lambs coming into the world on a day like today. It's not very warm (8C / 46F), and that strong wind could easily chill them.

SNP leader Alex Salmond has said that the independence referendum is not about the SNP. It IS about the SNP. It is the SNP that have initiated the process, on their terms and using their methods. IMHO they are fighting on a negative premise, against the English, against the Conservatives. They have failed to answer questions on many substantive issues that would face any independent country, and that is how the debate should be conducted.

Right, Maritime and Coastguard Agency, this is the sort of situation that highlights why we need an Emergency Towing Vessel around the Outer Hebrides. Not stationed 200 miles away in Orkney.

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