Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Friday 11 April

Overcast morning has now turned into rain. Wind is picking up, and we should have galeforce winds tomorrow. However, that's nothing compared to the 95 mph gusts experienced in North Queensland, Australia today, as cyclone Ita slams into Cape Flattery.

We can't redeem the fuel saving discount in the islands, so Tesco deign to grant us double Club Card points. Until 19th April. We bow to thee, oh supermarket ;-)

Went to watch a performance of Dogstar Theatre's "Factor 9" at An Lanntair. I refer to the below event from a few days ago, when the same play was performed at Strathpeffer.

It was an intense hour and a half, attended by only two dozen people or so. It highlighted the scandal of contaminated bloodproducts for haemophiliacs, compounded by the callous use of the victims for "medical research". Medical research that falls in the same category of wholly unethical behaviour as displayed by Joseph Mengele in the death camps of Nazi Germany.

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