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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Saturday 31 March

Wildfires continue to plague the Highlands and Islands, including Lewis. Went out, being driven around, first of all to the Lewis War Memorial, then to North Tolsta. A few miles north of Tolsta, a large wildfire has destroyed an area of moorland to the north of Garry Beach, leaving blackened hillsides.

P3132280 P3132279
Lewis War Memorial

P3132284 P3132287

P3132293 P3132296
Wildfire as seen from North Tolsta
P3132306 P3132305
Blackened hillsides near Garry

P3132308 P3132307 P3132303
At the Bridge to Nowhere

P3132315 P3132317
Sandblow at Garry

Traigh Mhor, Tolsta

Sandblow at Gress - it had to be shoveled off the road a week ago

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  1. It's a shame that so much land was destroyed by the wildfires. I hope they didn't start by human carelessness.