Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Monday 1 April

Went for an 80-mile drive round the island, through Barvas, Carloway, Callanish, Linshader and Great Bernera. Great Bernera was in mourning following the drowning of a local diver at Croir, near Bosta. Called into Dalbeg, Gearrannan, Callanish, Linshader and Tobson. Had lunch at Gearrannan Blackhouse Village and a cuppa & cake at Callanish. I had never been into Linshader, which lies off the main road into Uig (the B8011), so it was nice to have that opportunity to see the Callanish Stones from a completely different angle. Linshader is only a few hundred yards west of the Stones as the crow flies. It was a gorgeously sunny day, but not warm. Met a friend at Gearrannan that I last met a week ago - after being out of touch for 18 months.

Loch Roisneabhat trout fishery, 6 miles north of Stornoway on the Barvas Road

P4012336 P4012338
Barvas Moor

P4012340 P4012343
Roadsign at Barvas (left); Brue (right)

P4012344 P4012345

P4012346 P4012347

P4012353 P4012355
P4012361 P4012362
P4012365 P4012369

P4012379 P4012382

P4012390 P4012396

P4012409 P4012413 P4012417 P4012421 P4012425 P4012428

P4012442 P4012443 P4012450 P4012447 P4012452 P4012455
Great Bernera

P4012468 P4012471
Along the Pentland Road


  1. I love your island I think as much as you do. It's so rugged and beautiful and interesting. Thanks for always sharing your daily travels with us.

  2. Beautiful country side and all. I would think you'd never get tired of the views you have there.

  3. What a fabulous journey Guido.So scenic and beautiful.I see me and my friends, got in on one of your shots too LOL!! Thankyou for sharing.Sorry I havn't been around for a while.depends on how Blogger treats me as you know.Take Care God Bless Kath xx