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Thursday, 17 January 2013


The Scottish National Party was established in 1934 with the express aim of achieving secession of Scotland from the United Kingdom. In itself an aim I don't disapprove of. However, you'd imagine that the SNP would have spent the last 79 years thinking what it would take to run a country. Or at least the last 5½ years, during which they were in government. Not so.

Each and every time a major policy issue turns up, we find out that the SNP has to go away and think about it. Rather than looking forward, I get the distinct impression that the party has spent its time looking back. To all the times that Scotland was allegedly wronged by the English. Unfortunately, if you look closely, the historical fact turns out to be that the Scots were given a raw deal by other Scots. The Clearances are a case in point.

It is for that reason that I would not vote YES in the independence referendum in October 2014. Independence, yes. But not under the SNP.

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