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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wednesday 31 October

Hope you have all had (or having) a nice Hallowe'en today. As my previous post indicates, to me, it has a rather more sombre connotation, but I have said enough on the subject. I continue to be horrified at the extent of the damage and loss of life left behind as a result of Sandy. The storm system has dissipated over the Great Lakes, and its after-effects are diminishing. Tropical cyclone Nilam has slammed into southeastern India with winds at severe gale force and heavy rain.

Today in Stornoway saw cool weather, but with nice sunny spells. As I type this, the decrescent moon has risen high in the eastern sky and the mercury has gone down to near zero. We should continue to have the same sort of weather over the next few days, so actually, little reason for complaint.

Locally, there is an on-going discussion about the price of fuel ($9 a US gallon, or £1.50 a litre). Allegations have been levelled against one wholesaler about price-fixing, profiteering and monopoies - refuted by said wholesaler. The price difference with Inverness (15p) remains noticeable, and one wonders about that.

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