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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I know several ladies, some of whom I have met in person, who have the first name Alexandra, in certain instances abbreviated to Sandy. It has been common practice to name tropical cyclones (hurricanes), and the storm that hit the eastern USA on Monday was named Sandy. Now, I have made it clear in the past that I tend to look at hurricanes as a natural phenomenon, depersonalised and not malicious. Referring to Sandy as a "monster" storm is something I scorn at. But seeing the effects on television, I can certainly understand the emotions that underpin such descriptions.

The storm surge flooding in New York City has brought the place to a virtual standstill, exacerbated by the fire in the borough of Queens that could not be combated because of flooding. The water can be pumped away, for sure. Damage can be repaired, although there will be many people who will find it hard if not impossible to locate the funds to do that.

I was taken aback by the result of the flooding in New Jersey, which did not just leave water but feet and feet of sand in the streets and around houses. The electricity outages here are likely to last for some days yet, and will make life very difficult for those still in situ. Many have been evacuated, and will not be able to return home for a while yet - if they have a home to return to.

I am quite disgusted with the politicking that has promptly resumed on Facebook, and negative at that. If you support a candidate, please just extol his virtues rather than downcry the opponent. In slamming the opposition you waste time you could spend more constructively supporting your candidate. Unless he does not have anything that is worth highlighting. And it's not even certain that there will be an election on November 6th, bearing in mind the disruption caused by Sandy.

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