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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Saturday 27 October

An overcast day which turned very wet by the afternoon. The cold weather relented a bit, with the mercury gradually rising to 9C / 48F. We shall have more rain tomorrow, but the wind will pick up in the second half of the afternoon. The ferry has been retimed its Sunday sailing from 2.30pm to 9am in order to 'beat' the wind and, more to the point, the northerly swell.

It is ten years ago that flights to Stornoway were started on Sundays. It was the beginning of the end, as some would see it, for the Lewis Sunday. I don't believe so. Not much has changed over the 3 years since the Sunday ferry started, and I do not expect hordes of vehicles thronging to the quayside tomorrow morning. The Sunday crossing is in fact the busiest of the week, and helps families to be together over weekends. I don't expect shops to open on Sundays any time soon, nor buses to run on Sunday either.

I hope that hurricane Sandy will not have too severe an impact on the USA. As things stand, the storm will come ashore after the weekend in the middle of the most densely part of the States.

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