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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Hurricane update - 27 October

Hurricane Sandy is a major cause for concern along the eastern seaboard of the USA, from Florida all the way to Rhode Island. The storm will broadly maintain hurricane intensity, but carries a windfield of galeforce or higher of no less than 450 miles across.

The hazards accompanying Sandy are threefold.
1. High winds. These are liable to blow down trees (still in full leaf), taking powerlines with them, and damaging houses and other property

2. Storm surge. This is currently forecast at 4 to 8 feet from Ocean City MD as far north as the CT / RI border, which includes New York City.

3. Rainfall. At present, totals of 4 to 8 inches, locally up to 12 inches across parts of the mid-Atlantic states is forecast. This presents the risk of surface and fresh-water flooding.

The NHC carries 3-hourly updates.
The NWS will carry advisories for your locality.

Typhoon Son-tinh is currently south of Hainan Island and bearing down on the coast of northern Vietnam with central winds of 110 knots (125 mph) which will only decrease slightly to 95 knots (110 mph) at landfall. The same hazards apply to this system as outlined with Sandy, but to a higher degree - Son-tinh is equivalent to a category III hurricane. 

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  1. Yes, Hurricane Sandy will be affecting many here in the US. Our weathermen say it will bring lots of rain and wind our way through Wednesday. Prayers for all in harms way.