Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Saturday 1 September

Plenty of wind and rain today, although the rain did abate a little by sunset. The temperatures have not changed since the last couple of days, about 15C.

Today, it was announced that the Germany company Grünenthal apologised over their product thalidomide - for not apologising earlier. The drug was given to pregnant women between the late 50s and early 60s, giving rise to hundreds of malformed children and thousands of failed pregnancies. The victims have described the apology as risible, saying the company completely ignored the fact that they had done something terribly wrong. Thalidomide has come back into use for the treatment of certain types of blood cancer.

When relaying information on the internet, please check sources. Someone stated that all the ferries out of Mallaig were cancelled, but upon checking the Calmac website, it turned out that they were disrupted. Talking of disrupted ferries, the MV Isle of Lewis will be off for repairs on Tuesday and Wednesday. The relief boat, MV Isle of Arran, is a slower craft. Also causing disruption are the springtides, which necessitate the retiming of the Leverburgh to Berneray ferry. It crosses the Sound of Harris, which can be short of water at low tide.

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  1. Guido ,Back in 1961 ,pregnant with my second son,I went to the Doctor to see if he could prescribe me something for morning sickness ,The Doctors reply was ,'well there is something ,but Ive heard bad things about it ,Id rather not give it to you ' When my son was born ,news was breaking about babies born with deformaties ,and at my post natal checkup my Doctor told me that drug was thalidimide ,I am eternally grateful to Doctor,even now 50 years later Jan xx