Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Monday, 9 July 2012

Sunday 8 July

An overcast, grey and very wet day today. Not much to write about, apart from Murray mania, which ended at 6.15pm when the Dunblane-born tennis star was eclipsed by his Swiss opponent. He'll live to fight another day. I watched a few more episode of Star Trek - The Next Generation, which I always like to watch. I'm normally averse to 'crap science', but I make an exception for this series, which presents it well. I also sometimes watch cop shows, in which cameras ride along with police officers on the beat. High-speed car chases, drunks and booze-fuelled mayhem - but one episode also showed how officers from Wiltshire police accompanied a hearse, carrying a fallen serviceman, through the town of Royal Wootton Bassett en-route to the final resting place. Wootton Bassett was awarded Royal status after its residents turned out in force to pay homage to the dead servicemen who had been repatriated to RAF Lyneham - each and every time. The casualties from the Afghan war now come through a different airfield, but Wootton Bassett quite rightly gained royal approbation.

This week will see the Hebridean Celtic Festival, and the ferry was bulging with festival goers on Saturday. Musicians have flocked to the Festival as well, and will be playing in jam sessions across the town through the week. The Heb Celt Fest runs concurrently with Sail Hebrides, and on Monday, we'll have prime position to witness the entry of the fleet [of sailing ships] at Glumag Harbour. Long term readers of this blog will realise that this body of water lies a quarter of a mile away from my position, within line of sight from the front window.


  1. It was quite a dry day here Guido Sunday.First day back home, after a break away.Same here today,had a couple of showers earlier,but mild and dry now.Sorry Murray lost.I am not a tennis fan,but I did hope he would win.My hometown staged a folk festial this weekend,sadly I missed it all.Boy.... that will be nice to be able to watch all the sailing ships from your window,lucky you LOL .Looking forward to some nice new pics.Hae a great Monday.Sorry the letter after my U isn't working Grrr.I must get a new keyboard,though I hae read it can be other things.Me NOT being a techy,I'll see how it goes.It has happened before and then rectified itself.Enjoy your Monday Guido.Take Care God Bless Kath xx

  2. What a delight to have such a view of the boats! I am always jealous of your view. I enjoyed all of the Star Trek series & movies. I watched it after school everyday. Enjoy all the festivities in your area, sounds like a good time.

  3. It seems to begin raining as soon as I step out the door, so perhaps for the rest of Great Britain, and before this island completely sinks into the ocean, I had better stay indoors.