Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Saturday 7 July

An overcast, windy and very cold day. Well, the strong northeasterly wind made it feel cold, particularly as there was no sun. 12C is not that fantastic either. Tomorrow is going to be worse, as we're going to have some rain. Although, after two months of virtually no rain, I should not complain about some wet weather. People in the south of England have much more reason to complain about the rain, after the dramatic scenes of severe flooding in places. The weather is topsy-turvy at any rate; the hurricane season in the Atlantic has been going for some 5 weeks now, and the first hurricane is yet to form. There have been some low grade tropical cyclones (tropical storms) so far. The Eastern Pacific basin, southwest of Mexico, is the scene of hurricane Daniel and tropical depression 5. No land is currently under threat.


  1. We need rain too. The grass is getting "crunchy" and burning out since it has been so hot. Stay warm ;)

  2. We need rain too. There is a chance of some t-storms tomorrow evening. It seems that lately whenever we do get rain, it comes with storms. Whatever happened to those nice, hard summer rains we used to get when I was younger.

  3. We had some rain a few days ago. Didn't help much because it didn't rain that long. The rest of the week was muggy and extremely uncomfortable. We are, like so many other people in other states, crossing our fingers, hoping there are no serious fires this year.