Sunny evening, 6 June 2018

Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday 21 May

Well, spring appears to be here at last. Although we saw little of the sun today, the mercury managed a creditable 15C / 59F this afternoon, and for the first time since that warm spell in March, I could do without a scarf on going out. The evening is very calm, with not a ripple on the water of the harbour, and the lights reflecting in the sea as darkness falls. It will not get completely dark until close on midnight. We are one month away from the summer solstice, and sunset time is around 10pm.

The northern hemisphere hurricane season has come to life, with three tropical cyclones around. Alberto is fading off the coast of the Carolinas in the Atlantic; a tropical depression is making threatening noises to the south of Acapulco, with a hurricane likely to hit Mexico later this week; and another tropical storm is just south of Guam in the western Pacific.


  1. Glad you finally got some Spring like weather. It has been beautiful here. It is nice to be warm and not all bundled up!

  2. We finally got some warmer weather too here in the northeast of the country. I have flowers to plant so now if it would just stop raining, I'd be happy.

  3. Late again commenting Guido,but at last I made it.I am happy you had a milder day yesterday,even if it wasn't brilliant sunshine.Today has been a beauty,in my part,and for many more,as you will well know from FB posts probably.I hope it gets warmer for you as the week goes by.I used to love to see the lights shining on the sea in the evening Guido,and the flicker here and their of the lights on the fishermens boats going out.It's a worrying time for some though with the hurricanes.Prayers for everyones safety.I hope you enjoy therest of the evening.Take Care God Bless Kath xx