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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Tuesday 21 February

Shrove Tuesday, and no, I haven't had a pancake today. I'm not a pancake eater, as I am full-up after just the one. Those that know me off-line are aware that I'm not averse to food, but pancakes are beyond me above a quantity of one.

Weather today was not very good, overcast and grey, with occasional drizzle. By 4.30pm a serious downpour passed over with rising wind. The forecast is for a gale tomorrow. The only redeeming feature of today's weather was the elevated temperature of 10C / 50C. The east of Scotland may see the mercury right up at 15C / 59F tomorrow. No such luck for the Hebrides, but I don't really mind.

I am sending off another five postcards for the postcrossing project, bringing my tally to 94 when they are all delivered. One is still in the mailsystem, bound for the USA. Over the year I've done this, two never arrived. One was headed for Taiwan, the other for Germany.

I have researched another handfull of men from this island who were lost in the First World War. I am making my way through the Stornoway, which will take me a wee while yet. Another project, equally large, is the transcription of the Napier Report from 1883.
In addition, I want to go and have a look at the findings of a successor commission, which went round the Highlands and Islands in 1902; as well as at the findings of the Dewar Commission of 1912, which led to the foundation of the medical service in this part of the world and contributed towards the setting up of the NHS 36 years later. Both reports (from 1902 and from 1912) are available in my local library, so it's only a 10 minute walk away.


  1. You would be a very cheap IHOP date, Guido ;).

  2. ahhhh, guido, my comment got eaten by blogger, LOL. and it was a good one too, LOL. i was just basically saying that Shrove Tuesday (called Fat Tuesday in most of the US, and celebrated w fattening donuts some places here in the US), is really a day of cleansing, allowing the Holy Spirit to change you, and repentance. at least it's supposed to be. it's technically the beginning of lent. or used to be. for both Catholics and protestants. not sure what happened along the way, but Christians got confused and thought it was the last day to party before Lent started. sigh... now i hope blogger doesn't eat my comment this time. if it does, i will email it to you, and perhaps you could post it in this comments section. thanks!