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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Sunshine Colorado Notes

Our J-land community appears to have moved from blogging to Facebooking, but I somehow don't feel quite at home on Facebook. It seems to invite one-liners, just about as bad as Twitter. So, when I have something more to say than can be squeezed into the entry box on Facebook, I return to Blogger. Well, if you're a regular reader, you know I blog here every day.

This post is to highlight David Wheeler's blog Sunshine Colorado Notes. A few years ago, David very kindly sent me a copy of the book about the history of Sunshine, a small mining community, a few miles outside Boulder CO. It was probably typical of many a frontier town of that era (late 19th C) and area, with the go-ahead spirit that comes with that. It was almost as if I was there myself. And although I live quite a few thousand miles away, on the other side of the Atlantic, I felt as gutted as the village when I learned of the devastating wildfire of October 2010. It destroyed most of the houses. Apart from the loss of property, I guess it also ended, whether temporarily or permanently, a way of life for its residents. This was portrayed quite graphically when David had to let go of his faithful canine, Milo, who could not settle away from the village. I know property can be replaced, and the village can be rebuilt. But whether the people will return, and more importantly, its spirit remains to be seen. However, one day I may come across and look for myself. Better keep some of that homebrew ready, David.


  1. I Facebook like crazy, but I still blog daily. Usually more than once daily. I have a lot to say. I rather pity those who think blogging isn't the same without AOL. I've kept most of my old AOL friends and made many new ones on Blogger. All you have to do is seek out blogs that interest you and comment. That means new friends who will come to your blog and comment.

  2. I'm not that fond of Facebook or Twitter either! I occasionally go on Facebook to see what my friends and family members are up to. I don't like that the whole world can see personal family things.

    And, I can't believe people actually let the world know that they are on vacation leaving their home empty. Don't they know that these social networks is a playground for preditors?

    And, what is up with posting pictures of the food they are eating in a restaurant????????????? Like who cares? I just don't understand it????

    But, that is my personal opinion.

  3. I have enjoyed reading David's blog for several years now, and that wildfire was quite a tragic thing.

  4. I agree with you about facebook Guido..I after a long time resisting did sign on...and actually find to my disgust..that it is almost the first place I visit when I sign on. Although rarely write myself I find myeslf comenting to old friends . If I were not careful my blogging would fall by the wayside..So I still blog in fact I was attempting when I came on this afternoon but somehow can't get signed in...I still feel that facebook is a temp. affair as far as I am concerned..
    PS have you any news of the Dutch Prince very llittle has been reported about him...
    Sybil x