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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday 5 October

Another autumnal day, with heavy downpours and quite breezy. The red-hot pokers that used to liven up late September and early October in recent years have been blown and broken by last Monday's gale, and the stalk propping up the eucalyptus tree was snapped by the high winds. Anyone got any green twine going spare? The roll in this house must have been used up or summat.

Good news as this day draws to a close: Sarah Palin has decided not to run for president of the USA. With all due respect to the former governor of AK, she has made the dropping of clangers a trademark, and one that a US president should only flaunt after (s)he has come into office and become endeared to the populace. See George Dubya and Ronald Reagan. Wasn't it Sarah Palin who said that the US needed a president who had balls? Well, that ruled her out by default, and I'm pleased she has acted on that. With apologies to my American friends.

I am just finding out that the water supply in parts of North Uist is contaminated with aluminium. It applies to the area from Scolpaig west and south to Grimsay; Lochmaddy and Benbecula's supplies are unaffected. People have been supplied with bottled water, left on their doorsteps, with the instruction only to use tapwater for flushing toilets or washing laundry. The article contains a list of places affected, and a contact telephone number.

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  1. Good Morning Guido.I am hoping my comment is allowed.So many problems with this Blogger commenting.I thought I had conquered it,befoe I went on holiday,but it seemed not so yesterday.Oh for the joys of coming home LOL!!Yes!!.... it has been winds and rain here in my part since I landed home.I hate strong winds they keep me indoors.Sorry for the folks with the water contaminated.I use so much it makes you so appreciate having clean water on tap.I hope you have a good day Guido.Heres hoping the comment works.Take Care God Bless Kath xx