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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Saturday 10 September

My eldest nephew is 21 today, so he'll be having a whale of a time this weekend. My youngest niece is 13 on Tuesday of next week, meaning she'll be a teen well and truly. Trust a good time will be had in her house as well.

Here in Stornoway, it is a calm if slightly damp Saturday morning. The news is full of dire headlines about the approaching hurricane, which will be carrying winds of force 9 to 11 to Scotland on Monday. We shall see. According to the latest weather charts, its centre will be right over Lewis at midday on Monday, meaning we'll be seeing the eye of the storm, and some very low barometric pressures. The charts suggest 960 mbar. Not a record; the 2005 hurricane carried a central pressure of 944 mbar.

Tomorrow will see the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and I shall not be posting a normal blogpost on here. What you will see are two tributes dedicated to the memory Norberto Hernandez and Dwayne Coleman, who lost their lives in the atrocities at New York ten years ago. These tributes will be posted at the exact time that the first plane struck the WTC in 2001.

If there is anything else I can think of to post today, you will see that, else I'll be resuming normal service on Monday.

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  1. It's strange seeing the youngs ones in the family hitting milestones like 21 and 13. My eldest grand-niece is going to be 22 in December. Her mother, my eldest niece, is getting ready to turn 42. That's what happens when there are 18 years between you and your eldest sister! lol