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Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday 9 September

Overcast and wet, but no wind to speak of. Quite a few boats in port today. The Froyhav and Roy Kristian are well-boats, used to transport young salmon to fish farms.

The yacht is the Cary Ali, registered in the Marshall Islands, in the middle of the Pacific.

And we even had a tall-ship in, the Soerlandet, a Norwegian training vessel.

This was, as I said, a calm day. Over the next few days, things are going to get progressively worse. Monday shows winds of force 9 to 11 on the forecast - as Katia comes to gives us an old-fashioned "winter storm", to quote the National Hurricane Center in Miami. We in Scotland get warnings from the NHC? Oh my goodness, I'd better batten down those hatches!

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